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 Duel Monsters Character List

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PostSubject: Duel Monsters Character List   Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:28 am

Main Characters
Yugi Motou
Yami Yugi
Seto Kaiba ~
Katsuya Jonouchi
Anzu Mazaki
Hiroto Honda

Hikaris And Yamis
Yugi Motou - Yami Yugi
Ryou Bakura - Yami Bakura
Marik Ishtar~ - Yami Marik

Secondary Characters
Ryou Bakura
Mokuba Kaiba
Sugoroku Mutou
Mai Kujaki
Shizuka Kawai
Ryugi Otogi

Ishtar Clan
Rishid Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar
Yami Marik
Marik Ishtar~
Daddy Ishtar (Feel Free to Name Him)

Yami Bakura
Yami Marik
Marik Ishtar ~
Thief King Bakura
Noah Kaiba ~
Pegasus J. Crawford ~
Zorc Necrophades
Dartz ~
The Big Five

Ancient Egyptians
Pharaoh Atem
Siamun Muran
Thief King Bakura

There are probably a few missing, but these are all I could think of for now. Some names are repeated in this list, because they fit into more than one category. People like Marik Ishtar, who then turned good, will have a ~ next to their names.

- Loopy
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Duel Monsters Character List
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